Our concept of poetry: to give voice to texts.
'We' is a plural identity assumed as a literary position.
Transforming written into spoken words calls for a speaking choir.
This is a poetic necessity.
Our means of expression: spoken word compositions in a plurality of choral forms of speaking and narrating as well as a multilingual approach.
Characteristics: text score printed on huge sheets; nine languages, corresponding to the backgrounds of the members of the choir.
The texts focus on sources of social friction, migration, plurilingual identities and knowledge.

"In some pieces everyone speaks the same words at the same time, in others there are two groups following a call-and-response pattern; sometimes one half of the choir is whispering while the other says the text out loud in a different rhythm, then for a short period there is a chaos of voices speaking the same words, and at other times a group speaks a text and the others repeat it in a soft echo."


Founded 18 May 2014
Director: Bruno Pisek